• What We Are

    Wild Oaks Grill is a mobile grill and catering company. Weekdays we BBQ tri-tips, ribs and pork loins. Weekends we do events and cater parties and weddings. Our great food and reasonable rates make us one of the most popular grills in Humboldt County. Our mission is simple, to provide great tasting food at a good price with a little entertainment thrown in, be it witty reparte' or slick sarcasm. We specialize in grilled meat such as tri-tip, pork ribs, pork loin, ham and chicken. We also do clam chowder and chili on special occasions.


  • What We Do

    Wild Oaks Grill is dedicated to maintaining and celebrating the time honored American traditions of slow smoked Santa Maria style BBQ. To us this means slow smoking meats from 4 to 18 hours. All of our meats are cooked using the heat and smoke from burning white oak logs. We use NO GAS and NO ELECTRIC to cook our meats. It just ain’t the real way to make real Q. At Wild Oaks Grill we are all about the food. Our spices are all made by us using the finest ingredients. Ingredients found in kitchens, not in laboratories.